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PHP/MySQL Training Institute for PHP/MySQL Web Development in Coimbatore

With real-time and placement focussed training in PHP from a team of experienced professionals, meet the demands of the ever-growing IT industry.

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages and used for creating dynamic webpages that interact with the user offering customised information. The scripting language PHP is fast, stable, secure programming language, easy to use and open source. The PHP code is inserted directly into the HTML that builds a website. When a visitor comes to the website, the code is executed. Because PHP is a server side technology, the user does not need any special browser or plug-ins to see the PHP in action. Through PHP training in Coimbatore at CA Labs, the trainees can acquire more knowledge in desired technology.

Why PHP/MySQL Training?

PHP is easy to understand and learn, especially for those with backgrounds in programming such as C, JavaScript and HTML. The language is similar to C and Perl so that anyone with a background in either C or Perl programming will feel comfortable using and understanding PHP. PHP also runs on just about every platform including most UNIX, Macs and Windows versions.

PHP uses a modular system of extensions to interface with a variety of libraries such as graphics, XML, encryption, etc. In addition, programmers can extend PHP by writing their own extensions and compiling them into the executable or they can create their own executable and load it using PHP’s dynamic loading mechanism.

Our trainers are well certified, experienced working professionals with hands-on real-time multiple PHP project knowledge. The PHP training program will make you learn PHP coding, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, Content Management System (CMS) tools like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, PHP real-time project and PHP/MySQL placement training. Our PHP training in Coimbatore conducted on day-time classes, weekend training classes, evening batch classes and fast track training classes.

The PHP training in Coimbatore provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages using PHP. Program covers UI Design (HTML|CSS|Java scripts|J query) , PHP programming for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce along with Database MYSQL.

Our PHP training in Coimbatore at CA Labs lets students learn how to connect to database using ODBC and perform hands-on practice with database to create database-driven HTML forms and reports. Students also learn how to configure PHP and the Apache Web Server. Comprehensive hands on experience by working with real time projects are integrated throughout to reinforce learning and develop real competency.

Benefits of PHP Training in Coimbatore:

  • PHP is easy to learn and even a startup company is using this technology.
  • Compatible with almost all servers used today Apache, IIS, etc.
  • Supports different type of databases like MySQL, IBM DB2, SQLite and more.
  • PHP-based web apps are effective and fast. The websites are easy to navigate; at the same time they are fast loading.
  • Know the tricks, tips and time-saving coding procedures that tech gurus follow.
  • Get job placement in top renowned IT companies.
  • Interactive training that provides problem, concept and solution system.

Prerequisite of the PHP/MySQL Training Course in Coimbatore:

To join PHP training course, students must have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming language along with C and HTML. It will greatly help in understanding the concept of web development technology in a better way.

Why CA Labs for PHP/MySQL Training?

  • Our trainers are industry experienced.
  • Training is provided on both theoretical and practical concepts in PHP/MySQL.
  • Students allowed to work on real-time projects.
  • Get certified at the end of the training
  • Placement support is provided along with training

Best PHP/MySQL Trainers in Coimbatore:

CA Labs, being an expert in PHP training, provides web development training in Coimbatore. Our PHP/MySQL trainers are well experienced and provide the best web development training in the industry. They have years of experience in web application development and MYSQL. Also, they are well versed and up to date on the various trends and advancement in the technology. They provide more interactive training classes where the students can clear their doubts and work on real-time projects to get a better understanding of PHP/MySQL web development technologies.

  • What is web development or website?
  • Modern technologies and the evolution of PHP
  • Web application architecture
  • What is WWW?
  • About HTTP
  • What is URL?
  • W3C
  • What is DNS?
  • An introduction to domain names, web servers and website hosting
  • Basic knowledge of web designing & layouts, color schemes, fonts and responsive designs
  • What is HTML & CSS?
  • What are web pages?
  • Absolute vs. relative URL
  • Static vs. dynamic websites
  • Client-side vs. server-side scripting
  • How does web work?
  • The term “REQUEST & RESPONSE”
  • SEO basics
  • Structure, syntax, do types & extension of HTML document
  • Tags, attributes and Elements
  • Layouts, block level and inline elements
  • Manipulating text & images, linking pages and comments
  • Tables, DIV and SPAN
  • HTML forms and input, lists and field sets
  • Borders & alignment
  • HTML iframes and scrollbars
  • Colors, color names and values
  • HTML symbol entities and validations
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • New elements of HTML5
  • HTML5 form elements, types and attributes
  • A very simple HTML document exercise and examples
  • How does CSS work?
  • Types and syntax of CSS
  • Identification and grouping of elements (class and ID)
  • Cascading properties, selectors, and table properties
  • Colors, hexadecimal colors and backgrounds
  • Links, fonts, images and text
  • Margins, paddings and borders
  • The box model
  • CSS navigation bars
  • Layering styles with multiple classes
  • Common CSS property values
  • Pixels, lengths, floating elements (floats) and positioning of elements
  • CSS media types
  • Image sprites
  • Rounded corners, gradients and nested selectors
  • Web-standards and validation
  • Examples of template building
  • Data types, variables, expressions in JavaScript, popup boxes and operators
  • Conditional statements, loop statements and comments
  • Events, client-side validation, and basics of DOM
  • Javascript functions and objects
  • Exception handling and debugging
  • Arrays, strings, date, number and regular expressions
  • DOM with HTML & CSS
  • Methods and events of DOM
  • Jquery basics and syntax
  • Events in Jquery
  • Effects in Jquery
  • Jquery DOM, selectors and attributes – BASICS
  • Syntax, advantages and disadvantages of PHP
  • PHP environment and configuration
  • Global variables
  • Data types, variables, operator types, constants and define
  • Conditional statements, loop statements and comments
  • PHP routes and echo/print statement
  • Sessions management
  • Setting up cookies
  • Basic functions, date and time functions
  • PHP file inclusions
  • Form handling, processing and validations
  • FIle uploading
  • Basic database implementation with PHP
  • Errors, exceptions and debugging
  • Coding standard or structure
  • Organizing HTML layouts, CSS, JavaScript or Jquery and PHP
  • String functions
  • File open/read/write/close in PHP
  • PHP and AJAX – request and response
  • PHP/MYSQL basics
  • Mail functions
  • PHP object-oriented concepts
  • Filters
  • PHP regular expressions
  • Security handling
  • Jquery DOM, selectors and attributes
  • AJAX – all functions
  • How does it work?
  • XML
  • JSON
  • Create, drop and truncate table
  • Select, insert, update and delete queries
  • Where, AND, OR, Having and Between clauses
  • Ordeby and GroupBy
  • Wildcards, Joins, and Constaints in SQL
  • Injection and Like in SQL
  • SQL functions

Training Methodology

PHP/MySQL Training in Coimbatore


1) Regular training program (Morning, Daytime & Evening)

Duration: 12 weeks – daily 4 hrs

2) Weekend training program (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Duration: 10 weeks – weekly 6 hrs

3) Fast track training program

Duration: 10 days – daily 4 hrs

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